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With the internet keeping us all connected and holding so much of our information, it is becoming increasingly important to protect our accounts against unauthorised access. The YubiKey is a fast, simple way to enable secure login to your Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox and other accounts using USB and NFC. These compact, crush-safe and water resistant devices are affordable security keys which help protect you against account compromise. 

Facebook YubiKey NEO Mobile LoginFacebook YubiKey Security Key

Use YubiKey to unlock your computer with Windows 10 Hello for fast secure login. 

A single YubiKey can be used to secure all of your YubiKey and U2F compatible accounts, making it simpler than ever to be protected against ever increasing security threats.

The YubiKey is trusted and used by millions of users worldwide and by the world's largest brands - including all employees of Facebook, Google and 

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