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Shadow Auth

At Shadow Auth we are focused on providing simple, convenient and secure authentication solutions for everyday use at work and home. Keeping your computer and internet accounts protected from unauthorised access without complicated and bloated login methods is one of the biggest challenges facing IT professionals and end users alike, in a time when almost every day there are more data breaches in the news. Data security can often be overlooked until an account or system is compromised and company or personal data, or even money is stolen. Fortunately, new technologies are emerging and becoming more widely available to combat these issues.

Don't let your security fall to the wayside, protect yourself with convenient authentication solutions and keep your accounts secure.



As a proud Yubico partner, we offer the latest YubiKey products for easy to use, inexpensive two-factor authentication for a diverse range of applications. Whether you're looking to protect your personal accounts at home or deploy two-factor authentication throughout your business, we can help to keep you secured against unauthorised access. YubiKeys are designed to be fast and simple to use, making them the ideal solution for adding robust security without complicated and burdensome login processes.

For more information, email Sales Contact or call us on ContactNumber and we'll be happy to help you find the right solution to suit your needs.